Flipkart Carding Method Of 2022 Fresh 100% Working Trick

Looking For Flipkart Carding Method ? Then This article is for you,This is the only working Flipkart Carding Method with Matching Bin.

After Sharing Amazon Carding Method,Today i’m going to share Brand new Flipkart Carding Method of 2022 With Indian Non Vbv CC.Here You get everything about Flipkart Carding.

Flipkart Carding

Flipkart Carding

This Carding Method is Applicable only for our Indian Readers.If you are from others country then check our Latest Amazon Carding Method of 2022.

What Is Flipkart ?

Flipkart is similar online shopping website like Amazon.But in flipkart only indian user Can buy any product.Here You can buy Mobile,electronics,Cloths for Men and Women.

Requirements For Flipkart Carding

As we all know A live CC is the main thing for Carding On Any site Like Amazon,Paytm but live cc is not enough,you have to buy non vbv cc with High balance.

Before you start to do carding on Flipkart  you have to arrange bellow mentioned requirements

  1. Fresh Flipkart Account.
  2. Non vbv cc with Balance.
  3. Matching Bin Cc of Shopping Website.
  4. Vpn.
  5. High Speed Internet.

How To Do Carding On Flipkart

After arranging all the requirements we can start Flipkart carding with our Carding tutorial.Keep in mind don’t skip any step,otherwise your order will be cancelled or Decline your payment.

Step1: Create A account On Flipkart With CC holder name.

Step2: Open Vpn(Virtual private Network) and connect it to cc holder’s location.

Step3: Add CC details in Payment Section ,Make sure Billing address is same with CC details.

Step4: Choose product which you want to buy via our Amazon carding tutorial.

Step5: Now Add Product in to Cart and log out for 2-3Hours.

Step6: After 3 Hours Again Login on Amazon and Proceed To Order.

Step7: Now Add Description as Birthday Gift To your Brother or any relatives.

Step8: Finally Provide Cvv Number And placed the order.

Done,You will get your order tracking link within few seconds.

Flipkart Carding Tutorial On Android

  • As you already know, the first thing to do is to get a CC (not yours, of course). If you do not have any, buy one online.
  • Create an account on Flipkart. Use the same details like those on your new CC.
  • Set the IP address. It should be similar to the IP of the CC owner.
  • Connect SOCKS.
  • Choose some Flipkart products and write several positive reviews on them (this is important).
  • Find a product with a high price. For example, an iPhone. Add the product to your cart.
  • Log out. Stay unlogged for at least several hours.
  • Then, log in to your account again. Fill in the necessary CC details and place the order.
  • Again wait for several hours and then cancel the order.
  • After some time, the money will be put on your Flipkart account. Profit!
  • Now you can order any products using the money on your Flipkart account balance.

Reason To Get Cancelled Order

If you face order cancellation issue then you have used dead Cc or Did something Wrong.Always try to buy high balance cc with matching bin.To buy Non vbv cc Contact us .Just Telll us where you are going to Use cc.


Here I have discussed all the step to do carding on Flipkart.So Don’t waste your money by rippers.Amazon Carding Is too easy just follow our Flipkart Carding Trick of 2022.Hope You guys now understand the What’s Carding And How to do Carding.Please Comment Your Valuable feedback and Share.

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